Life tips from Shakira – The Waka Waka Way


This is my first post in what I’m calling the musical series. Music inspires us. It gets us moving. It pumps us up. It gives us the courage to keep walking and take charge of our lives. There have been many musicians and singers who have inspired. People say that the music today is not what music is supposed to be. All the hip hop, R&B, VaporWave, Future Garage don’t probably make sense to a lot of people. Music may have changed over the years but what hasn’t changed that is the fact that people still love listening to music. In this series I hope to write about a few songs which have inspired me.

My first one is Shakira with Waka Waka!

It was yesterday when driving to work I switched on the mp3 player in my car and heard the song Waka Waka play. It instantly got me into the mood and I felt energised and pumped. I started wondering what is that brought about the reaction in me. I wasn’t definitely not watching the video and Shakira dance!. Some of it was the beat of the music, but there was something more. The Lyrics!.

Waka Waka was the theme song for the FIFA 2010 world cup. The lyrics of the song show the true spirit with which we need to lead our lives. The song starts as below

You’re a good soldier

Choosing your battles

Pick yourself up

And dust yourself off

And back in the saddle

Life is a battlefield. You are the soldier. Like a soldier in the battlefield you are fighting the battle of life to win against all odds. Your enemies are the many life’s challenges, obstacles and setbacks which life throws at you from time to time. Like the soldier on the battlefield who picks himself up and marches towards his call of duty, we need to learn to pick ourselves up every time life throws us down.

You’re on the frontline

Everyone’s watching

You know it’s serious

We’re getting closer

This isn’t over

The pressure is on

You feel it

But you’ve got it all

Believe it

It brings about the spirit of persistence and determination and the importance of taking charge of your life. It urges you to keep walking. Your goals in life are closer than you think and your fight is not yet over. No one except YOU is responsible for what happens in your life. It teaches you the importance of believing in yourself and what you can achieve. Remember that everything in this world started with a belief.

Listen to your god

This is our motto

Your time to shine

Don’t wait in line

Listen to your god. The god within. Your inner voice. It knows what you should be doing. This should be your driving force in life. Live the day!. Tomorrow may never come. Listen to your inner voice. It will guide you. It’s your time to shine and rise.

People are raising Their Expectations

Go on and feed them

This is your moment

No hesitations

Everyone around you will have expectations from you. The world is watching you and wants you to give what you have. Now is the moment of truth when you march ahead. Bear no doubt in your mind and keep marching.

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