8 Powerful Women and Me!

In these arms

Yes, you read that right. On Saturday 21st of June 2014, I had the privilege and honour to be in the presence of 8 powerful women. Between the 8 of them we had published authors, A life Game changer, an NLP Master practitioner, an Elegant Negotiator, a cognitive hypnotherapist, an inspiring entrepreneur and  and a passionate chef who loves to dance in the rain. They say that we need to be careful about what we speak and the seminar on Saturday was a testimony to that. 3 months ago on an author mastermind call, I made a casual remark to Marina Nani on how they were having all the fun in UK and nothing happened in Cyprus. Thats all it took for Marina to take a decision to have an event in Cyprus.And what an event we managed!

A day packed with so much information, passion and sharing that it got to a point that we felt like we were drinking from a fire hose!. With information ranging from NLP, real estate trading, negotiating with Life and the importance of embracing opportunities, I don’t know if there is any other place I would have wanted to be despite it being a weekend and my first day as a bachelor again!. The miracle of the day for me was the fact that the team managed to select a member from the audience and completed writing her book during the day. Yes you read that right. Within a span of  7 hours, the team chose the topic of the book, the title, the chapters and the contents, all adding up to over 120 pages of a book on “The Alpha Heart”. The book will be published on Amazon soon!. Now thats the power of women.

I have always had a lot of respect for woman and to be honest I believe that women are far stronger than men. Men may be physically strong, but women are strong on the inside and when things are tough this is what matters. On Saturday I got a first hand experience of these when all these women worked hand in hand to deliver one of the most powerful and inspiring seminars I have attended recently.

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 Here are some of the most original and powerful quotes from the day.

[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”left” width=”700″]When you do what you love, everybody loves you and you become a magnet for everything you want– Marina Nani


You are chasing something that you don’t have, instead of attracting what you want to have – Marina Nani

Relationships are one of the most important Investments in Life. – Serah Lister

If you are not going to dream big, don’t dream at all!– Marina Nani

Celebrate Yourself EveryDay- Marina Nani [/blockquote]

This is my blog to share my views on spirituality, self-help and personal development. But I couldn’t resist writing about my experience yesterday as it was a day when I had all 3 of these. Spiritual growth, understanding self help and helping me develop myself. So what are my thoughts when I look back at my experience.

Opportunity knocks on the door of the listener.

For me the last 12 months have been a sea of opportunities and they are not stopping. From being able to publish my first book, start my blog, run my first marathon and meet the likes of Raymond Aaron, Marina Nani, Danielle Serpico and Pavlina Papalouka is an opportunity of a life time.

There are 2 types of relationships we can have in this world

  • Toxic Relationships
  • Nourishing Relationships

Toxic relationships are the ones where you feel drained of energy after you finish a conversation. There is a feeling of void or emptiness. Nourishing relationships on the other hand are the ones which leave you and keep you on a high and give you a feeling of being uplifted and fulfilled. What I experienced yesterday was one of the most beautiful connections. There are times in life where we say that something is “too good to be true”. I dont believe in this because I do think that this world is made of beautiful people who do beautiful things for you and if you only reach out your dreams start becoming true!

I will remain ever grateful to

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  • Danielle Serpico for being such a sweet person and sharing her story and insights into the world of NLP. An absolutely amazing person to have around. Thanks to her I will finally read my first book on NLP!. A book she has written!
  • Serah Lister for being and showing us what she does best. Negotiating!. A true professional!
  • Pat Duckworth for not hypnotising us but still hypnotising us with her talk
  • Pavlina Papalouka for making this event happen and the ever energetic lady that she is.
  • Chrysanthia Ioanides for sharing her love of Dancing in the Rain and Cooking. Go Woman Go.! You will go places.. 6th July is waiting!

Be careful of the relationships you build. As Serah Lister puts it, “Relationships are the most important investments in our life”. They will decide if you “go” through life or “grow” through life. As one of my favourite motivational speakers Charlie Tremendous Jones once said, “You will be 5 years from know what you are today except for the books your read and the people you meet!. Relationships are a choice!. Make the right ones!

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  1. What a pleasure to meet you and work with you Vipin. Thank you for all your help with the technical stuff. Congratulations on becoming President of the Cyprus Academy of Significance. Please invite us back and this time I will stay longer.

  2. Vipin,

    Your life as a true leading Authority is about to take off globally now but know that you have it all already! Each time you help a friend or a family member to get in touch with their genius you will get to know them at a very profound level, connect with them and create a bond for life but the most amazing experience is when you connect with people you don’t know- starting with yourself .

  3. Ladies and my Wife!. Its so strange that only women have commented to my post. Must be a coincidence :-). I am blushing now. Not used to so much flowery in one day. Thank you all!. I do think I’m blessed to have each one of you in my life.

  4. It takes a very special man Vipin to attract so many powerful women around him and make them feel like he is one of the gang as well as being a gentleman and taking care of us 🙂

  5. Very impressive article Vipin, specially the part where you have mentioned toxic and nourishing relationships. We all need reminders time to time, of what we already know deep inside. Thanks for sharing your experience. Some powerful statements were made there! Keep it up and keep sharing.

  6. OMG Vipin Ramdas from where should I start!!!!! s-) What a beautiful and exiting article !!!!! Its such a pleasure to be in it!!! You have an amazing spirit you are giving and considered and its beautiful . The fact that you want to help others let me tell you thats itself its an excellent virtue that all human beings need to encompass !!! I might know you for few hours but let me tell you that because of you I will DO MY BEST IN letting go and go for it!!! <3

  7. What a super blog Vipin , thank you and what a truly super ‘un-woman’ you are! lol My short stay in Cyprus became extra special the moment I met you at the airport. You radiate integrity, subtle charm, honesty, kindness and love. I am honoured to have met you, spent time with you and now call you my friend! xxxxxx

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